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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome to My Newest Blog!

Hello everyone, I hope you will enjoy the journey we are about to take.  Let me give you some background as to why I'm blogging about my classroom.  Last Fall, I wrote a grant and was awarded 20 iPads to use in my First Grade classroom.  I am so excited.  After a bit of a wait, I finally received them a week ago.  I've spent time looking at apps, watching YouTube reviews of apps and downloading many and I feel that I am now ready to start using several of them in the classroom.  My goal here is to not only show my students progress and learning with the iPads but to also talk about the different apps that I use with my First Graders.  I love to hear feedback from others and encourage you to leave comments whenever you feel like sharing any info with me and others. So, welcome aboard on our journey.  Let's start iPadding along.


  1. What kind of grant did you apply for? I am interested in doing this for my classroom as well!

  2. Yes I would like to know also. We have foundation grants at my district but this year they changed up the format and was only able to write a grant for 5 iPads. I am so jealous of your 1:1 ratio. Congrats!