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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Assigning iPads with QR Codes

I had the kids sit up on the floor with me as I projected on the screen how to take pictures using an iPad.  That had some experience with this the other day, but now I was having them work with their own iPad and take pictures of each other using the camera.  We also practiced using the button that changes the direction of the camera and taking pictures.  Taking pictures was actually hard for the kids because it's kind of an awkward setup.  The iPad is big and the protective case is hard to hold and can get in the way.  But we kept trying it and the kids soon figured out the best way to hold the iPad when taking pictures that was worked for them.  I worked in small groups doing this so that I could be more hands on. Again, it would be nice to have Apple TV!

Now we were ready to learn about QR codes.  These kids are around them all of the time and they all could tell me places they have seen them but they didn't know what they were used for.  We had a talk about them and then I explained how to read one.  The app that I like is the QR Reader for iPhone. 
It's simple to use and read after the code has been scanned plus it's free.  The graphics that it opens up looks like a yellow, lined pad of paper.  I find that this is easier for the kids to read.

I made several QR codes for the kids to practice scanning with that had fun messages like "Yes, you did it!" and a "Knock Knock" joke plus one that said show me the message for a treat.  They had a lot of fun with this. 
Now we were ready for our name hunt.  I had made each child's name into a QR code using "qurify"
There are several out there and I'm not saying any is better than the other, I just like this one.  You type the message, or put an URL into the blue box and hit "qurify" and it generates a QR code.
When you go to the print queue, all of the codes that you have made at that time appear with a number above it.  There is also a list of the codes and what they say.  Very handy feature.  

I cut out the codes and taped them in a random order on all of the tables.  I had the kids work in pairs and they were given a paper that had numbers 1 to 20.  They were to go to a QR code, scan it and write the child's name that appeared on the paper in the number that the code was.  They had so much fun scanning and finding all of the class names.

When everyone was finished and we had all of the names, I told the kids that this would be their number from now on.  I called out a child's name and asked them what number they had on the iPad they were using.  When the number was said we all looked on our papers to see who was that number.  Then I told the first child to deliver the iPad to that person. We continued around the room until everyone had "their" iPad.  Again the excitement level was sky high....their "own" iPads!!!!!!!!  

Now we are ready for our next adventure.


  1. HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait to follow along and see how things are used and track your adventures.
    Congrats again!
    Amy in NC

  2. How exciting! I have a set of 6 iPods to use in my class. I plan to load the QR readers onto them. Thank you for sharing the programs with me! I am excited to see how you are able to use them effectively in your class.

  3. OMG. I am so excited to do this with my first graders. I have iPads in my class and this will be so much fun. I hope you can share some more of your wonderful ideas for using QR CODES.

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